Friday, July 4, 2008

Photographs Wanted!

Duncan James Potter Mckenzie


Laurette Edythe Egenes

on the occasion of their engagement in 1927.

They were married on 24 January 1928.

Five children were born from their marriage:

Ingrid, John, Margaret, Colin and Stella.

Do you have old photographs such as this one? Please scan them and email them to me, together with adequate information (Names, places, dates etc). All photos received will be included in the Family Tree data base.

Send emails to

Stella Smuts

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Your assistance is needed!!

Due to the kindness of the people mentioned in my “Appreciation” blog, I have received a considerable amount of information regarding our pioneering ancestors and the “early days”, which makes for interesting reading. However, there seems to be very little, if any written information about my parents’ generation (i.e. the grandchildren of James and Jane Brickhill) and their cousins..

Therefore, short compositions in memory of members of this generation would be warmly welcomed. Each composition can be as long or short as you wish but please try not to exceed 1000 words. Content could include such things as:

*full names
*parent’s names
*dates and places of birth and death
*occupation / hobbies
*your earliest memory of him/her
*his / her life experiences, achievements and special events
*war experiences,
*anything which you think future generations may find interesting.

The computer program I am using allows for records and notes for each person listed. So, I would like to add as much information which I can gather about any family member. It also allows for uploading of photos and other scanned documents, so if you have anything of interest, please let me know. Obviously due to space limitations, I request such items to be scanned and emailed to me.

My long-term goal is to compile a booklet or even publish a book of Memoirs of the Mckenzie Siblings (my father’s family). The success of such a project will depend largely on the response that I receive from all my cousins and whatever it is that the future holds! In the meantime, I am willing to share whatever information I have with whoever asks.

Please contact me at, if you can assist in anyway.

Sunday, June 8, 2008


I would like to take this opportunity to thank a few people for assisting me with my research:

Colin Mckenzie - my brother who has always shown an interest in family history. He recently handed all his memorabilia over to me. Colin was also responsible for compiling the Clark family tree from pages and pages of hand-written documents.

Renza Brickhill – for sharing her work on the Brickhill family tree.

Ken Durham – who sent me some documents regarding my Grand-mother May Alexandra Mckenzie and memoirs of her mother Jane Anne Buchanan.

Cyril Hedgcock - for sharing his work on the Hedgcock family tree.

My cousins, Graeme and Joan Mckenzie, Bobby and Alison Allen, Ken and Maureen Templeton, Caroline Bateman and Helen Leigh for the data sent regarding the younger additions to the tree.

My sisters Ingrid and Margaret who are always willing to listen to my ramblings and new discoveries.

And in their absence, we need to pay tribute to those who kept records in previous generations, including people such as Barbara Buchanan, my grand-father John McKenzie, Emily Clark, Ralph McKenzie, Lily Mckenzie, Mary Mckenzie and Edgar Egenes. The information gained from their records has provided vast amounts of information and leads.

If I have failed to mention someone here, please forgive me and feel free to leave a comment.

I hope to be able to add more names to this list as more people respond to this Blog.


Thursday, June 5, 2008


Family history research can offer some interesting challenges. For example, a newspaper article dating back to the 1960s can lead to many questions.

I found an article regarding Charles William Clark, who grew up on the farm Buffelsfontein near Port Elizabeth. His aunt Susannah, married into the Green family and I have recently received a copy of the Green Family Tree. Now … great-grandmother Mary Mckenzie’s maiden name was Clark. There must be some connection between her and this Buffelsfontein family. If not, why was this article found in our family memorabilia? And why did John and Mary Mckenzie decide to come to South Africa, when his siblings went to Australia? Did Mary already have relatives in South Africa which made them decide to come here? And if this Buffelsfontein family were related to our Mary, how did she and John end up in Natal and not Port Elizabeth?

And come to think of it… if they had settled in Port Elizabeth, John jnr might not have met May Brickhill which means that all the resulting descendants may never have been born… including myself! Scary thought!!!

Does anyone have any insight to the Clark connection? If so, please contact me soon!


Funny Road Signs

We have done some extensive travel throughout South Africa, in the past 25 years.... but this has to be one of the funniest combination of road signs we have seen - in Dundee, of all places!

"Wait for green or go to hospital... the choice is yours"


Saturday, May 31, 2008

Welcome to ur Family Tree blog

Hi there
If you are reading this, you are either related to me, interested in family tree research or connected to Dundee, South Africa in some way. Welcome.

After the death of my parents, in 2003, I suddenly developed a desire to find out more about my ancestors. Who were they, what they did and why I think the way I do! So began a journey into the past, which has indeed answered many questions about the present! I am only sorry that I did not pay more attention when I was young and my aunties and parents spoke about family history. Today there are so many questions which will probably remain unanswered.

So far, I have gathered data on the Buchanan, Brickhill, Hedgcock, and Egenes family way back into the 1700’s. The history of my paternal grandfather (Mckenzie) and maternal grandfather (Woods) is proving to be difficult to trace.

I am capturing all the data onto a computer program known as Legacy, which can be downloaded from the internet. The data file is in GEDCOM format. Anyone wishing to obtain a copy of my information is welcome to contact me.

Recently, my brother Colin sent me a box of memorabilia that he had collected. What a wonderful collection of documents, letters and photographs. The challenge now is to match the photographs to the people.

Take care