Thursday, June 5, 2008


Family history research can offer some interesting challenges. For example, a newspaper article dating back to the 1960s can lead to many questions.

I found an article regarding Charles William Clark, who grew up on the farm Buffelsfontein near Port Elizabeth. His aunt Susannah, married into the Green family and I have recently received a copy of the Green Family Tree. Now … great-grandmother Mary Mckenzie’s maiden name was Clark. There must be some connection between her and this Buffelsfontein family. If not, why was this article found in our family memorabilia? And why did John and Mary Mckenzie decide to come to South Africa, when his siblings went to Australia? Did Mary already have relatives in South Africa which made them decide to come here? And if this Buffelsfontein family were related to our Mary, how did she and John end up in Natal and not Port Elizabeth?

And come to think of it… if they had settled in Port Elizabeth, John jnr might not have met May Brickhill which means that all the resulting descendants may never have been born… including myself! Scary thought!!!

Does anyone have any insight to the Clark connection? If so, please contact me soon!


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