Saturday, May 31, 2008

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Hi there
If you are reading this, you are either related to me, interested in family tree research or connected to Dundee, South Africa in some way. Welcome.

After the death of my parents, in 2003, I suddenly developed a desire to find out more about my ancestors. Who were they, what they did and why I think the way I do! So began a journey into the past, which has indeed answered many questions about the present! I am only sorry that I did not pay more attention when I was young and my aunties and parents spoke about family history. Today there are so many questions which will probably remain unanswered.

So far, I have gathered data on the Buchanan, Brickhill, Hedgcock, and Egenes family way back into the 1700’s. The history of my paternal grandfather (Mckenzie) and maternal grandfather (Woods) is proving to be difficult to trace.

I am capturing all the data onto a computer program known as Legacy, which can be downloaded from the internet. The data file is in GEDCOM format. Anyone wishing to obtain a copy of my information is welcome to contact me.

Recently, my brother Colin sent me a box of memorabilia that he had collected. What a wonderful collection of documents, letters and photographs. The challenge now is to match the photographs to the people.

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