Saturday, June 21, 2008

Your assistance is needed!!

Due to the kindness of the people mentioned in my “Appreciation” blog, I have received a considerable amount of information regarding our pioneering ancestors and the “early days”, which makes for interesting reading. However, there seems to be very little, if any written information about my parents’ generation (i.e. the grandchildren of James and Jane Brickhill) and their cousins..

Therefore, short compositions in memory of members of this generation would be warmly welcomed. Each composition can be as long or short as you wish but please try not to exceed 1000 words. Content could include such things as:

*full names
*parent’s names
*dates and places of birth and death
*occupation / hobbies
*your earliest memory of him/her
*his / her life experiences, achievements and special events
*war experiences,
*anything which you think future generations may find interesting.

The computer program I am using allows for records and notes for each person listed. So, I would like to add as much information which I can gather about any family member. It also allows for uploading of photos and other scanned documents, so if you have anything of interest, please let me know. Obviously due to space limitations, I request such items to be scanned and emailed to me.

My long-term goal is to compile a booklet or even publish a book of Memoirs of the Mckenzie Siblings (my father’s family). The success of such a project will depend largely on the response that I receive from all my cousins and whatever it is that the future holds! In the meantime, I am willing to share whatever information I have with whoever asks.

Please contact me at, if you can assist in anyway.

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