Monday, January 7, 2013

Brick Wall

My family research has hit a brick wall. No new data has reached me for sometime now and I am at a loss for ideas. My request to my cousins to write short essays about their parents has received little response. I cannot take credit for the idea of the essays however I did think it would be wonderful to record the achievements and memories of our previous generation.

Hopefully, those who did offer their assistance may have forgotten or become busy with more pressing issues. This is quite understandable. May I offer this post as a friendly reminder to you. I look forward to any information which is sent my way.

FaceBook is proving to be a blessing with regards to finding old school friends and distant relatives. Already a few have found me and we have started a Dundee High School Alumni 1970 group. We are hoping to attract as many of the students of that era as possible. So, if you went to DHS in the 1970s, please join FaceBook and sign up.

Until next time….Stella

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