Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas 2009

Preparations are full-steam ahead in most homes, as Christmas 2009 approaches. Hopefully, these celebrations will bring an end to the financial dilemmas many have faced this past year.

Our family has had a busy year and had to face a few changes and challenges.

Peter has continued to do a lot of traveling. With the new Installation Regulations gazetted this year, he has been invited to give a number of lectures and workshops on the new laws. I have had the opportunity to travel with him from time to time and we have seen some parts of the Western Cape which we do not get to visit often enough!

Roelene successfully pasted the UNISA exams which she wrote this year. She is studying for a degree in Foundation Phase Education. In November, she was blessed with a trip to Malaysia, where she attended a Seminar for Worship Leaders. Included in the trip were a few days of sight-seeing. This was quite an experience for her. Thankfully, with today’s technology, she was in constant contact with us via sms and therefore did not feel homesick.

Simon is continuing to progress through his university studies. In July, he moved out of our house, into a building at our offices, which he is sharing with a friend. He is enjoying his new found freedom and independence, although he still has most evening and weekend meals with us, and of course, Mom still does his laundry. His move has also been beneficial in that there is someone at the business property after hours.

The genealogy research has continued slowly with few leads resulting in anything useable. To date, we have not been able to trace any descendants of the Woods brothers, Harold and Reg.

Thanks to those who have sent information and letters to me. I have enjoyed making contact with some of my cousins again, which has been a reminder of the vital role Aunts Mary and Grace played in keeping us all connected in the past. The idea of compiling a booklet about the Mckenzie siblings has not progressed as desired. Although some cousins have responded, we were hoping for more submissions and photographs. The information received so far, has been uploaded onto this Blog.

We trust that this festive season will bring much happiness and joy, as we celebrate the coming of our Christ, Jesus. Take care, travel safely ands may the year ahead bring prosperity it you all.

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