Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Website

There are times when it feels like one has hit a brick wall, when it comes to genealogy research. And that is how I am feeling right now. There are still so many gaps in the tree and questions for which I have not yet found answers.

Sometimes I wish I could sit down with people and just record them speaking of the things they remember and which their parents told them. Recently we had a couple visit us; new friends whom we have met during this year. Mick told us his life story and how interesting it was! He spoke for almost 2 hours and still has so much to tell us. I encouraged him to start writing his memoirs otherwise when he is gone, this special story will go with him!

Time is an enemy as most people live extremely busy lives and barely have time for themselves. As a result, few have responded to my requests for information. I am sure there are volumes of information stored up in people’s memories but sharing or recording these things can not take priority.

So, my present task is that of checking through the family tree and marking off as “deceased” where appropriate. This is necessary as I do not have all the birth and death dates of past generations and so the pc program shows them as “live”.

The family tree can be viewed online at http://www.myheritage.com/ftb/EN. Due to the fact that this is a free site, only 250 members of the tree can be viewed. Unfortunately, I do not have funds available to upgrade to the full website, which costs about $75.00 per annum.

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