Monday, January 7, 2013

In Memory: Mary Eleanor Mckenzie

Mary was the 3rd child of John and May Mckenzie.

Mary grew up with the desire of becoming a nurse. However, circumstances within the family home, found her forsaking her career choice in order to become the family’s home keeper.

Mary was gentle soul who’s love for all her nieces and nephews was very obvious. She was a wonderful cook and baker. Her cakes tins were always full of treats, especially tea biscuits. She made it a habit to bake biscuits in the shape of the letters of the alphabet – being sure that there were enough for the first letter of the children’s names. The cake tins were kept in cupboards in the passage and were such a temptation to the young ones. Mary never married and her nieces and nephews filled her life with joy.

The ginger-beer which she brewed for Sunday School picnics was a firm favourite. It was served in huge white enamel jugs.

Mary’s name has to be linked to “Christmas in the good old days.” She stood up very early to begin the cooking and produced an amazing spread in time for lunch. And she never missed the Christmas Day church service! The turkey was cooked to perfection with all the trimmings. Christmas pudding always included a few coins and every year all the children hoped they would find one in their bowl.
Mary was good to her servants, who lived on the premises. They were always well clothed and ate well. I have memories of the day one of the ladies retired – I am sure there was tears in Aunt Mary’s eyes.

I cannot remember Aunt Mary saying a bad word about anyone. We always felt welcome in her home, no matter what the time of day. The front door of the Town House was always opened and we were welcome to come and go as we pleased.

Giving up the old family home was an emotional experience for Aunt Mary. Together with her sister Grace, they moved to a flatlet and some 10 years later, to the Eventide Home for the Aged in Dundee.
It was here that Mary spent her remaining days, been served by others and resting after years of serving those whom she had loved so dearly.

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