Monday, January 7, 2013

In Memory: Grace Jane Mckenzie

Grace was the 4th child of John and May Mckenzie. She studied nursing and eventually became matron of the Dundee Provincial Hospital.

Colin shared an memory of Aunty Grace, which shows the type of character which she had.
I was in Dundee hospital as I had fallen of my bike and cut my knee open. It was lunch time and the nurses were dishing out lunch. One of them was eating food as fast as she could. I heard a voice calmly say" Nurse come here. " I looked up and there was Matron McKenzie at the door of the ward. The nurse run out the far door. My father told me later that Aunty Grace found out that this nurse had not eaten properly for a week. She gave this nurse money from her own pocket, enough for food for a whole month.
Besides her busy work schedule, Grace was a member of the Toc-H charity organisation, and very active in the Dundee branch. She was also a much-loved Sunday School teacher for over 35 years. She taught the pre-school age group at the local Methodist Church.

Her hobbies included crocheting. She spent many evenings crocheting doilies and covers for milk jugs and sugar bowls. The crocheting was very fine art and included beading which was worked into the stitches. Many of her nieces received a set as a marriage gift.

Grace loved playing Scrabble. She and sister Mary spent many Winter’s evening playing the board game. When Aunty Isobel Brickhill came to live with them, she proved to be another challenger in the game.

Grace had green-fingers and took charge of the Town House gardens. Her annual dahlia blooms were of prize winning quality. The green-house contained wonderful ferns and other potted plants. A large vegetable garden provided supplies for the kitchen. There was also an abundance of fruit trees, which provided fruit for bottling and jams.

Grace never married and dedicated her life to her career, siblings and extended family.

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